Cittaslow Goolwa

Cittaslow Awards 2015


Wendy Caines and Sue Pink

Since 1987, the community go Goolwa have hosted members of the Navy’s 817 Helcopter Squadron. Following the decommissioning of the Sea King helicopters the 817 took their final Freedom of Entry Parade down the main street of Goolwa. Following the decommissioning of the Sea King helicopters, the 817 took their final Freedom of Entry Parade down the main street of Goolwa During all this time, someone had to organise where these sailors and support staff would stay and provide activities and meals and anything else that they needed. This was done by these two special ladies and we want to recognise this unique contribution to Goolwa.

Goolwa to Wellington Local Action Planning Association

The Goolwa to Wellington LAP was established in 1998 and works closely with community groups to protect and restore biodiversity and to sustainably manage natural resources. This group looks after 265,000 hectares covering the Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges catchments of the Bremer, Angas and Finniss Rivers, Tookayerta and Currency Creeks, Lake Alexandrina and the River Murray Mouth. Locally this includes groups life the Signal Point Riverine Environment Group, Hindmarsh Island Land Care, Goolwa Coastcare, the Coorong Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth Bird Monitoring group and the Clayton Bay Nursery Environment Group

Rachel McMillan, SCOOP

In 2004 together with Claudia Lisle-Worner, she established Scoop, which sources and supplies the region with high quality seasonal and regional food. Locally grown fruit and vegetables, artisan cheeses, oils and olives are supplied to local chefs who only want the best. The business spread into the city too. Rachel has also played an important role in the Victor Harbor Farmers Market and we commend her for her dedication to promoting our local products and helping to support our local producers.

Goolwa Concert Band

The Goolwa Concert Band is not a big band but under the guidance of musical director Leon Lambert and drummer Simon Hemmings, they know how to make a big impression. They meet on a Tuesday night in Centenary Hall to practice their wide ranging types of music. Each band has its own characteristics and it’s hard to pigeon hole the Goolwa Concert Band that also boasts a vocalist Dawn Trickey. They have added the musical dimension to important community occasions like Australia Day, Christmas carols and ANZAC Day.

Phillip Ball and Nick Brauer

Many young people with indigenous backgrounds have found life challenging and some have had difficulty connecting with their own culture and have had to deal with mental health and well-being issues. As part of the Aboriginal Youth Surfing Program organised by the Aboriginal Youth Action Committee connected to the Southern Fleurieu Health Services, these two gentlemen have played different but important roles in turning things around.

Phil through his business Ocean Living Surf School teaches surfing here in Goolwa Beach. He taught some of these aboriginal youngsters how to surf. The Goolwa Surf Life Saving Club allowed the participants to use their club rooms. The response was very positive and several have even indicated their wish to take things further and become involved with the Surf Life Saving Club.

Nick is a local artist who helped the group make their own wooden surf board which was displayed during the last Saltwater SurfArtFest in Middleton. One of the Cittaslow criteria is the protection and promotion of artisan skills and building a wooden surf board is certainly one of those skills. His boards are works of art in every sense. On Facebook you will find references from people with whom Nick has shared his skills and knowledge to help others learn about this unique use of wood.

Andrew Barker

Andrew has been aware that a lot of people are missing out on eating good food because of high costs or lack of knowledge. Instead of just shaking his head and saying how sad it was, he started to do something about it. He began growing seedlings and giving them away to people in the hope that they would grow them and what they didn’t use, they would share with friends and neighbours. He then taught them how to grow their own seedlings and to start their own backyard produce gardens. He volunteered with the Victor Harbor Resource Centre to help people fix up their backyard gardens. He became involved in Grow Free where people with excess produce place it on a Grow Free stall to be given away to anyone who needs it. Sometimes that excess produce reappears on the stall as a jar of jam or pickles to be given away. Andrew’s work addresses several Cittaslow criteria that covers healthy eating, caring for your neighbour, sharing ideas and maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment.