Cittaslow Goolwa

How To ...

Cittaslow’s ‘How To’ sessions are designed to provide information to members on a wide variety of activities in a hands-on way. Whether you are inclined towards crafts, environmental concerns, or gardening, there will be ‘How To’ sessions coming up that suit your interests and help you to learn through these hands-on sessions. The recent Bees’-Wax Wrap workshops (illustrated in the photo) offered as part of the program are a good example. Learning how to make wraps from fabric soaked in beeswax proved to be most informative and well attended. The Community Garden shed was the ideal venue for Mark Rose, from Rose Herbs and Honey, to walk participants through how to make their own re-usable food wraps (another small step towards eliminating single-use plastic from our environment).

These interesting and informative sessions are for Cittaslow Goolwa members so if you are interested, now is the time to think about joining! Details of how to become a member of Cittaslow Goolwa are in the Get Involved area of this site.

What is coming up in the ‘How To’ Calendar? The following events and activities are currently in the planning stage and detailed information will be emailed to all members as dates and times are finalised... Waste Management and how recycling really works with the Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority, Making fresh pasta and arancini balls, Ropes and bee hotels, Using the Astrological and Moon Planting Guide and many more.