Cittaslow Goolwa

Updated - Cittaslow and Coronavirus

Regrettably, it has been decided that the annual Cittaslow Goolwa Smoke Off Festival will ne be held in 2020.

At the Wharf Events are scheduled to resume on Sunday 4th October 2-5pm, the long weekend.

Cittaslow Corner will remain closed and reopen on Thursday 27th August, all being well. Based on the 4 sqm per person ruling currently in force, meetings of less than 8 people can meet in Cittaslow Corner while observing social distance.

Cittaslow Farmers Market resumed in May 2020 as part of the essential services permitted during the ‘stay at home’ period. It continues to operate on 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month with only food and related produce, no breakfast stalls and no busking. Additional hand sanitising and signs reminding customers of social distancing guidelines are in place. Products from Cittaslow Corner and the Community Garden have been introduced to an expanded Cittaslow stall staffed by a team of volunteers. This will continue until further notice.

Community Garden premises have been closed to meetings and gatherings. The Garden volunteers have been maintaining the grounds and beds based on a roster which allows social distancing This will continue to be the case until further notice.

How To sessions – there are plans to open up this program slowly and cautiously while observing social distancing and hand sanitising guidelines. First off the blocks is likely to be a session on ‘Working with Bio-char in the garden’ presented by Bart O’Brien. Further details will be circulated when available.