Cittaslow Goolwa Annual Awards 2014

Over 150 people gathered for the 2014 Southern Alexandrina Business Association Customer Service Awards and Cittaslow Awards Dinner at the South Lakes Golf Club in April. We were delighted to recognize the achievements of eleven winners.

Alexandrina Councillor Margaret Gardner presented the awards to the 2014 Winners at the dinner held jointly with the Southern Alexandrina Business Association's Customer Service Awards.

The Alexandrina Council was recognised for its involvement in the Obesity Prevention and Living Program (OPAL) which encourages healthy living choices for all children. In particular Cittaslow appreciated the work done by Linda Scholz and Vanessa Mulhall linking OPAL, Cittaslow and the Goolwa Primary School.

The Team at Bombora at Goolwa Beach was congratulated for their commitment to local produce creating tasty seasonal food and providing a unique dining experience for locals and visitors to Goolwa Beach.

John Carter, President of the Goolwa and District Rate Payers Association was recognised for his passion for Goolwa and its community with his extensive work done in many areas including Goolwa Lions and the Goolwa Recreation Grounds.

Following the wide ranging creations that have enhanced the Goolwa area including the stobie pole painting, SALA displays and the colourful Cittaslow snails, the volunteers and participants of Create and Connect led by Sharon Brady were congratulated by Cittaslow Goolwa.

Many people are working quietly in different areas and don’t expect any accolades but Cittaslow Goolwa was pleased to recognise two of them. One was Anthony Presgrave who has worked tirelessly preserving parts of Goolwa’s history and heritage and each week winds the clock at the top of the tower at the Anglican church.

The other was Brian Dugmore who, after spending 50 years maintaining and managing the Goolwa Oval, was recently honoured when the area was named after him. Brian’s contributions also included turning the lights on for the emergency helicopter whenever it needs to use the Oval for landing.

Cittaslow Goolwa’s Community Garden grows and supplies produce to encourage healthy eating by the children and families associated with the Goolwa Children’s Day Care Centre. This has been made possible by the generosity of the Goolwa and District Community Bank which continues to support local groups and organisations. The financial support is used to improve the community garden and it is this partnership that was recognised by Cittaslow Goolwa.

History and heritage is an important part of the character of Goolwa. Thanks to the continuous efforts of the volunteers associated with the Goolwa History Roomespecially Dawn Juers, the written part of our heritage is being preserved, annotated and made available for those doing research, including family history.

After an extensive culinary career that began in New Zealand, Vicki Matchett was recognised for the work she has done with developing award-winning products that use local produce, much of which she has grown herself and developed in her industrial kitchen.

Over the years, many books have been published locally by the Sand Writers of Goolwa. One of the special aspects of this group of talented writers of stories and poems has been their linking with local artists and photographers. Cittaslow Goolwa also acknowledged the contributions made by this group to many of the past Cittaslow Diaries.

Cittaslow acknowledged the outstanding contributions made by the volunteers of Armfield Slip, Goolwa in restoring many heritage boats and for sharing the boat building skills with the younger generation through the schools.

Cittaslow Award Winners 2014 with Cittaslow Goolwa President, Lyn Clark