At the 2014 International General Assembly held in Midden-Delfland, The Netherlands, Goolwa Alexandrina won the first Chiocciola Orange (Orange Snail) Best Projects Award. THE SCHOOL PLANTER BOX PROJECT was a combined program which involved the Goolwa Primary School, the OPAL (Obesity Prevention And Living) activies provided by the Alexandrina Council and Cittaslow Goolwa. Two classes from Goolwa Primary School planted out boxes of vegetables which were taken home to grow, with reports on success (or otherwise) prepared. Details of the Best Projects Award which will now become an annual event are available on the Cittaslow International Website -

Goolwa Primary School students Stuart and Ella receive the Chiocciola Orange Award from Vanessa, Lyn and John from Cittaslow Goolwa

Arnoud Rodenburg (Mayor, Midden-Delfland), Lyn Clark (President, Cittaslow Goolwa), Pier Giorgio Olivetti (Secretary General, Cittaslow International), Gian Luca Marconi (President, Cittaslow International)

Profesor Giuseppe Roma (Head, Cittaslow International Technical Committee), Stefano Pisani (new President, Cittaslow International), Pier Giorgio Olivetti (Secretary General, Cittaslow International)