Opening of Cittaslow Corner

On 10 February 2017, Alexandrina Mayor Keith Parkes officially opened Cittaslow Corner. In the presence of State Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick, acting Chief Executive Victoria MacKirdy, Cittaslow Goolwa President Margaret Gardner, Southern Alexandrina Business Association President Andrew Stewart, Alexandrina councillors and staff and Cittaslow Members, he marked the latest step in Goolwa's Cittaslow story. In a heritage building that was once a Council Chamber, as well as other activities, Cittaslow Goolwa has now opened a new location to promote its activities. Meetings will also be held in this unique building. Cittaslow Corner is on the corner of Cadell Street and Goolwa Terrace, in the central Goolwa heritage area. This building will also be the focus point for the 10th Cittaslow International General Assembly which will be held 9-12 May 2017.

Cittaslow Goolwa volunteers will open Cittaslow Corner Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm. As well as providing information about Cittaslow and Goolwa Alexandrina's involvement, visitors can purchase local produce. Business members of Cittaslow will be able to promote their produce.

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